Home Delivery


When Have You Needed Home Delivery in Milton?

Hello Milton!

We`ve been in been in business for some time, but we seem to be the `best kept secret` and now we want to make sure we are not to ensure that those who require delivery service know they no longer have to rely on their friends and family.  We deliver.  No car, not in the right shape to drive?  We take care of you.  And we love what we do.  We get to meet some awesome Milton people.  Call us if you need anything!!  905-691-7214.  We’ll be there for you!!


Please remember – Don’t Drink and Drive.  We’re here to drive for you if you are not fit to do so.  Our rates are incredibly lower than the consequences that could come of being stopped for drinking.  Consider an average low of $1200 for a DUI versus our rates.  And the peace of mind.  Most stopped and charged end up with shame and anxiety issues and some even lose their job.  It’s a high price to pay.  So please, consider us.  We’ll make sure you remain safe and sound and away from the police.  🙂